Last night I participated in my first provincial race. It is part of the Promutuel Robert Brisson Series.

The pressure was on as my 18 years old daughter Emmanuelle came to see her ol’ man race for the first time. I was joined by Chahram’s son Bijan, a strong 25 year old rider who helps keep me young.

The race consists of five laps on a flat 10 km course:

I felt really strong from the start. I rode well and had a lot of fun pulling Bijan back to the front of the pack when we found ourselves a little bit too far back. I can’t say that I used my power intelligently but sometimes when you have the legs it is great to use the power just for the hell of it (for me, anyways).

The highlight was the fouth lap. I rode it perfectly and stayed at the front out of the wind the whole way. I then set myself up in the right spot for the last sharp right turn which is 0.9 km from the start/finish line. I crossed the line with a small group of about 4 riders ahead of the pack. My daughter thought it was pretty cool (me too!).

Bijan and I fisnished in the main pack and then headed over to the Cage aux Sports for ribs and fries as our recovery meal.

I feel more confident now about the 2010 prospects of El Tour de Tucson.