Am I ready for this beast?

The Gear Up For Lyme Mt. Equinox Uphill Bike Climb is a challenging 3,300 feet Category 1 climb over 5.4 mile up the scenic Mount Equinox Skyline Drive finishing at the top of Mount Equinox in Manchester, Vermont. Scheduled two weeks after the Mount Ascutney Bike Climb and two weeks before the Mount Washington Hill Climb, this race provides a unique to train for the Mount Washington race I will be doing on August 21.

It is claimed to have a short section of 28% grade. The climb has one brief, fast descent the prevents it from being a truly monotonic climb.  The view from the summit is spectacular I am told. Mount Equinox is steep and one of the highest peaks around, so great views abound from several vantage points, especially from the open ridge line leading to the summit. The road is smoothly paved, tollbooth to summit. Unfortunately, like Mount Washington, cyclists are not allowed to ride their bikes back down. See GearUpForLyme for more info.

Wish me luck.