I would look like this:

Dominiqie Codere before the Burke Finish

Dominiqie Codere before the Burke Finish

Instead of looking like this:

Alain before the finish at Burke
Alain before the finish at Burke

I would have won many medals this year in the races of the BUMPS Northeast Hill Climbing Champtionship and I would be leading my age category and be second female overall. OK, maybe third.

But I am a man and I am 46 and so I am 12th in my age category and 29th overall in the BUMPS Championship.

The truth of the matter is that I am pretty satisfied with my performance so far this year. I have learned a whole lot and I now have a good baseline of results to try and improve on next year. I also owe part of this success to Dominique Codere who leads the F50-59 category and is second overall woman this year in the BUMPS Championship. I noticed early in the year that my race times were always very close to Dominique’s 2009 times.

I was therefore able to set realistic time goals and keep a good pace in every race based on Dominique’s 2009 results. When I doubted my ability to meet my time goal during a race I would say to myself: “I know I can do it, I know I can match Dominique’s 2009 time.” And I would then keep the power up and meet or do better than my time goal every time. Thanks Dominique!

Oh, and by the way, I have gotten to know Dominique this year and she is truly an inspiration to a lot of the new Canuck riders doing the BUMPS races (and many others I am sure). Not to mention Dominique is a very pleasant person to interact with as my wife Mary Lou keeps telling me.

On Saturday in Burke, Vermont I participated in my 5th BUMPS race for the year, the minimum required to officially be on the general classification for 2010. Burke is a short 3.3 miles climb with an elevation gain of  2,096 feet. Burke might be a short race but it is steep and very hard. I was pretty happy with my race and my time of 32:03:80 mins. I came in 36th of 72 overall or 11th of 19 in my agre group.

Dominique and I rode close to each other for the second half of the race, keeping each other focused and motivated. She is a strong competitor. Thanks again for pushing me to my limit.

For those who have been following my results, you might have noticed the pattern: the longer the race the better my ranking. I have known that for a while but this year’s results really highlight was I will need to focus on next year. Stay tuned.

I would also like to congratulate KK and Jamie R for a great race. KK beat his time goal by a ton and Jamie finished 8th overall and 4th in our age group. What a team we make:

The T Shirt Ned won't like

The T Shirt Ned won't like

 Overall a great day for the boys all the way to the finish line.

The Finish Line at Burke