It is a little known fact that my biking “career” started shortly after a ski trip to Banff and Lake Louise. I think it was 2003. I was 40 back then. A good friend of mine and I had combined a business trip to Calgary with a couple of days of Alberta skiing. My friend, a former football pro, amateur golf champion and overall fit guy was about 50 at the time. Our Friday half day of skiing at Sunshine Village in Banff had left me pretty tired. The next morning we headed out to Lake Louise.

We got up the chair at around 9:00am and stopped for lunch at 1:00pm. I think I had a cheeseburger and fries. After the last bite, I told my friend: “Great day of skiing, let’s head back to the hotel.” He looked at me, thought about what to respond and then said those four words that would change the second half of my life: “Why, you are tired?” I couldn’t find the courage to answer back: ” Are you %$@#* kidding??? I am dead.”

So off we went and did a few more runs that pretty much killed me.

And on that day I made a decision: “I will never have to quit at lunchtime ever again.”

As I am writing this I am relaxing after a fifth day in a row of hard skiing in Whistler, my legs feel fresh – sort of – and I am looking forward to putting in the two biggest ski days of the vacation in the next two days. Over the last five days I have had a tough time to get the burn going in my legs although I have done more muggles and steep tree runs than ever before.

Why? Simple. I keep in shape. The way I have found to improve my skiing is to improve my fitness through cycling. Fitness is a way of life. The human body is an amazing machine and it will only limit your activities if you do not take good care of it.

So remember this: next time you do physical activity and “feel like quitting at lunchtime”, commit to changing the way you look after yourself and you will soon go all out for full days for a week at a time.  And you will experience things you never thought possible before.