It was 7:20 am when we rolled out for Stage 3 of the Amgen Tour of California. I was back at the hotel at around 2:30 pm. I showered, had lunch, went to see the pros at the finish line, had a massage and have been working ever since. In other words I have had very little to post on the blog today. As Mary Lou tells me all the time, riding is not my day job!

Well, that’s part of it. Today, I decided to join the B group early on into the ride. I also got into the van at mile 63. The A group did the whole stage, the whole 118 miles of the stage. Congrats boys!!!!!!! Good job.

As my riding buddies, friends and family know all too well, I like climbing and tomorrow will be the first big mountain stage, so today I decided to keep a little bit of energy for tomorrow’s climbs. In other words, we will soon find out how today’s ride plays out on Mount Hamilton and Sierra Road.

 Description of Stage 3 according to ToCs website

With no KOMs, this will be one of the last stages for the sprinters to showcase their speed at the finish. Auburn is known as the “Endurance Sports Capitol of the World,” so it is only fitting that one of fastest stages of the 2011 Amgen Tour of California begins here. At 120 miles, endurance will be a factor for Stage 3. After a neutral start section through Old Town Auburn, the race will go live and head south through downtown Folsom. The next 100 miles will showcase some of the beautiful roads of central California as the race passes through “Gold Country.” The historic town of Ione (founded in 1849) will serve as the first Sprint location of Stage 3. Continuing south, the route will then pass by the shores of Lake Camanche. The second Sprint of Stage 3 will be in the cowboy town of Oakdale, and from there it will be a fast 17 miles to the start of two circuit laps in downtown Modesto, one of the favorite repeat cities of the Amgen Tour of California. It is surrounded by rich farmland and is one of the top farming areas in the U.S. Many of the cyclists feel Modesto has the best finishing circuits of the race, so look for an all-out battle to the end during Stage 3.

Stage 3 Video

Stage 3 Map

Stage 3 map - Toc

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