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Married, father of six, grandfather of two, businessman. Born and raised in Montreal, QC. Chairman of Cyprium Mining Corporation, a publicly-traded mining company with operations in Northern Mexico. Chairman of Team Novo Nordisk, a pro continental cycling team located in Atlanta, GA. Founding director of Team Type 1 Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation also located in Atlanta, GA



5 thoughts on “About The Writer”

  1. Michael Sproule said:


    Stumbled upon your blog through LindkedIn. I didn’t know that you rode. It looks like we took up the sport at the same time. Keep up the great blog. I’ll remember to bring my bike with me next time i’m in Montreal.


  2. Michael Sproule said:

    Let’s see… At 6’3″ and 195, I’ve never met a sprint that I didn’t like. But I have met many hills that I don’t like. How’s the new venture going?

  3. I am enjoying your blog. We are very similar – I’m late 40’s w/a full-time job and familiy, 6’1 185lbs and try my best to stay in cycling shape in a time-crunched fashion.

  4. Dear Sir – Stumbled across your blog…what a blessing of encouragement. 42 years old, married 12 years to a full-time RN, 4 children (2,4,6,9), owner of 2 businesses (summer camp & retreat center), teacher with church, cycle to office (15 miles one way) regularly….6’3″ / 185 lbs …still feel like I did when I was 20.
    You’ve provided me with additional fuel for the challenges I absorb every day. Much thanks! – Brian (Lone Oak Retreat and Camp Kiowa)

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