The Time Crunched Blogger

I think it was April 2006. I had decided to spend more time on my road bike. I had paid $1,600 for my new Cannondale so I thought I might as well use it (yes, I know, I can’t really get more than one good carbon wheel for that price nowadays – but that is a different topic). One day while surfing the Internet I came across the website It was the website of an organization founded by  US National coach Chris Carmichael and called Carmichael TraininSystems (CTS). It offered an entry level training package for either $39 or $59 a month which was computer generated. “Just what I need” I thought. “If it works for US pros it will work for me.” I spent the next two to three months religiously following my new training schedule.

In June or July of that year I was ready for my first group ride. One night after work I headed over to the Eastern Townships to meet a group of cyclists who gather every Tuesday at our favourite Bromont ski shop and ride in the area for a couple of hours. And out we went. I followed the group for the first few kilometres. Then, being the gentleman that I am, I decided to take a pull and kept the pace up. Big mistake. I tried to recover at the back of the group but the damage was done. A couple minutes later I got dropped. In less than a minute I could see the pack already 250 meters ahead of me. Not only did I come in last but a woman my age on an old beat up mountain bike beat me. The training program from a National  coach might work for a pro but it wasn’t working for me, or so I thought.

And the story started that way and this blog details what came next.


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